Make-up Classes

We have set up the final makeup classes for those cancelled in March due to COVID -19.

The final day for makeup classes will be on October 31st .

Preschool – 11:10 am – 11:55 am

Girl & Boys Rec 12:05 – 1:00 pm

 Make up class only by appointment
 Please send request for make class by email only. You will receive confirmation after the gym
checks our records.
 Parents ( if not a current gymnast) must sign the current waiver form and COVID waiver.
 Parents not allowed to stay in the lobby . Only preschool parents are allowed in the lobby.
 Masks for parents in the lobby is mandatory
 Please do not wait to sign up because space is limited,

Thank you for all your patience.

We are hiring

We are seeking a coach for the Team, who has technical knowledge and relevant experience.

If interested, please send resume to