About Us

First Coast Gymnastics was founded in 1994. Originally, our gym was situated in Greenland Business Park, where we spent over 20 successful years. Right now, we are in process of relocating. Our new gym will open in June 2018 and is located 14797 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL, 32256. The gym will be located in Above Athletic Center, a brand new sport complex which includes not only gymnastics facility, but also facilities for basketball, softball, crossfit, and more. Our goal and philosophy is to teach gymnastics in a fun and safe environment. Our coaches and trainers always strive to help develop each student’s individual skills to their full ability. Our programs are designed to teach children in both recreational classes and competitive teams. We work in a safe and friendly atmosphere. All coaches are safety-certified, USAG members. 

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is useful to almost every child, as it contributes to nearly every facet of physical fitness. Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. Additionally, regular training helps with concentration, teaches listening skills, goal-setting, and mental toughness. All this serves as a good foundation for overall development, self-confidence, and is also a good basis for many other sports.